Republic One Capital (ROC) was founded in 2015 and provides financing exclusively to the sports sector. ROC works with a range of funding partners dependent on the nature of the risk and transaction being considered. It currently works with global banking groups, pension and insurance funds, private equity funds, asset managers and family offices.


Industry transformation

Republic One Capital launched in 2015, at a time where industry and technological advances in the sports, music and entertainment sectors, such as digital streaming and competition for broadcasting rights, were providing organizations, brands and individuals new and lucrative opportunities to capitalize on their talent and IP.

A historically underserved sector

Many of the businesses in these sectors, despite being well positioned to leverage their intangible assets, lacked the access to institutional markets and the traditional financing needed to fund these commercial endeavors. Those willing to provide finance lacked the sector expertise to keep up with the fast-changing landscape and complex financial demands required to meet their clients’ needs.

Founding principles

Republic One Capital was built on the belief that businesses should have access to a higher standard of specialist financing than that experienced by other sectors. It has set out to fill this gap by leveraging its unique depth of knowledge to provide clients with a fairer, and better aligned solution that helps clients recognize the full value of their assets.

Finding a new focus

Following changes within the credit and financial markets, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, ROC now focuses exclusively on financing the sports sector. ROC’s work continues to shape the sports financing landscape, helping to define, inform and educate the sector, whilst delivering finance with speed and efficiency. 


Republic One Capital transaction structures range from traditional asset based
and off balance sheet lending facilities, to highly structured and customized buyout
financings. Our approach sets us apart from our competitors and we work with:

Efficiency & Agility

We are an entrepreneurial and nimble team. ROC executes at speed and evolves in partnership with our clients. 

Focus & Impact

Our relationships are for the long-term and built on strong alignment and mutual benefit. We have a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face and provide essential insight and value-added solutions accordingly.

Discipline & Creativity

Republic One Capital provides solutions that are innovative and flexible, consistently meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving environment and individual client needs.


Inquisitive & Pro-active.

We’re curious, we always listen and we are driven to know everything there is to know about our industry and our clients. This attention to detail opens up endless possibilities, beneficial to all parties.

Visionary & Tenacious.

Whilst never compromising on the operational excellence and execution of today, we’re constantly aware of how these sectors are evolving and therefore adapt our solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Take the work seriously, not yourself - Open & Personable.

Whilst we work with professionalism, our atmosphere is casual. We understand the value of a healthy culture and though we want our work to be challenging, we want the challenge to be fun.

Go beyond what’s expected - Detail Orientated & Supportive.

We’re entirely committed to the highest standards of governance.  Everything we do, we do with the highest level of rigor and care, from assessing and structuring risk to delivering for our clients.

When they win, everyone wins - Collaborative & With Humility.

Be it the business, our employees, or our partners – when our clients succeed, we all succeed. We approach every relationship as a partnership, working with empathy and understanding, never letting ego or individual achievement get in the way of our collective success.